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Getting Back To Healthy Habits in the Midst of Med School Interviews

Hi everyone!

So I have to admit…I’ve been so busy the last few weeks with medical school interviews and work that I fell off the health wagon! I’ve been really struggling to maintain a consistent yoga and gym schedule and my eating habits have not been the best. I literally ate Doritos last week! YES. DORITOS. And that was after the burger, french fries, and peanut M&M’s I had at the airport. So needless to say, my body was screaming for some clean eating and self love.

I could totally feel the difference in energy, focus, and overall well-being after a few weeks of bad food and little exercise and I knew I needed to get back to my usual whole and healthy living. Of course I came to this realization the night before leaving for my fourth medical school interview, so I was faced with the challenge of getting back to healthy habits while traveling. But if you know me at all, you know I never blink when faced with a challenge. So here is a little overview of my trip 🙂


Woke up at 5:35am to get myself ready to leave for the airport.


Packed a few healthy options for the plane and hotel (2 apples, 1 banana, almonds, raspberry fig bar, and pumpkin spice Rx bar)


I enjoyed a very necessary cup of black coffee while waiting to board the plane.


 A little reading on the plane 🙂 This book is extremely eye opening. At first I found it a little depressing, but I’m starting to get more of a motivational feel and it is really opening my mind up to a perspective that I hadn’t really thought of. I read Atul Gawande’s “Complications,” which I really loved and definitely recommend, but “Being Mortal” reminds readers more about medicine’s limitations and the importance of autonomy and purpose as we age.


Friends, Season 1 – “The one with the evil orthodontist.” I love Friends! I’ve seen every episode at least three times 🙂


Landing 🙂


For lunch I had the most amazing Greek Salad at a small restaurant about 5 minutes away from my hotel. It had romaine, roasted grape tomatoes, olives, roasted artichoke, cucumber, feta, and chicken. That rosemary-garlic flat bread was also amazing!


I was more in the mood for snacks at dinner time, so I picked up a fruit salad and a hummus/veggie/cheese pack at a nearby grocery store. This grocery store was actually so awesome and beautiful that I wanted to take a picture, but I was too embarrassed! You’ll just have to take my word for it 🙂 It was like Whole Foods meets gourmet grocery. After dinner I prepared for my interview and went to sleep nice and early. I woke up at 6:46am the next morning and got ready for interview day.



The hotel offered free breakfast in the morning, but it was VERY difficult to find healthy options. There were waffles, bacon, biscuits, muffins, liquid eggs, and cereal. This was the best I could do, but it actually hit the spot and kept me full until lunch. (Banana and peanut butter on a mini cinnamon raisin bagel). Of course coffee was also included 🙂

Lunch was provided at the interview and I actually really lucked out. They gave us salmon, rice, fresh salad, and a free drink from the school cafe–I ended up getting a mango smoothie, which was pretty delicious 🙂 I would have taken pictures, but I didn’t want to be the weird girl taking pictures of the food at her med school interview lol.


When the interview was over, I went to an Italian restaurant about 15 minutes from the hotel. I got sautéed haricot vert and roasted peppers with lemon-herb chicken. The chicken was soooo delicious that I forgot to take a picture! Oops!

So I didn’t eat perfectly clean, but I definitely got a good amount of fruits and veggies in and I feel like I jumpstarted my healthy eating. I can’t wait to go home, stock my kitchen with fresh food, and get back into my exercise routine. How do you guys stay healthy when traveling? Post a comment below 🙂