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It’s All About Balance

Happy Saturday everyone!

So yesterday I made it to 6am yoga! It was not easy and I definitely whined all the way to the car! lol But I did it 🙂 And I felt so much better afterward. It was very much needed to say the least.


Early morning crescent lunge 🙂

 After yoga I made a version of my typical egg breakfast.


Two eggs over tomato, avocado & arugula with arugula, goat cheese & olive oil on the side.

For a mid morning snack I drank this awesomely green smoothie: 1/4 banana, three strawberries, 5 mango chunks, 3-5 pineapple chunks, small handful of spinach, 1/2 cup of almond milk.img_2251

Then I made THE BEST combo of roasted veggies ever!! Seriously it was delicious. All I did was cut up the veggies, toss them in olive oil, salt & pepper, and roast them for about 30-40 min at 400 degrees. I also tossed chickpeas with olive oil, salt & pepper, and roasted them separately for 25-30 minutes at 400 degrees.


Roasted carrots, brussels sprouts, potatoes & chickpeas 🙂

By late afternoon I was seriously craving chocolate and since I ate pretty clean for the majority of the day… I let myself indulge in a small treat. This is the best salty and sweet combo.


And for dinner I had leftover roasted veggies and chickpeas! mmmmm 🙂

 In my opinion, being healthy shouldn’t be about sacrifice. You should enjoy every meal no matter how simple or complex. It’s easy to eat a lot of fruits and veggies if you know what to make and you know how to get creative. And if you’re really craving something sweet or fried or cheesy or sugary… have it! Just don’t go crazy lol. Do you guys have any favorite treats or favorite healthy recipes? Do you like to get your exercise in early or at night? Post a comment below 🙂