Treadmill Routine For Beginners


I think I’ve mentioned before that running is not my favorite thing. I’m definitely more into yoga, pilates, and anything that doesn’t involve the treadmill. Which is why I kind of fell behind on my cardio routine. BUT I like the idea of running and the idea of the elliptical and the idea of cardio and I know it’s good for me… so this morning I decided to get back to it.

For me, I know that I’ll hang my sneakers up and stop cardio all together if I don’t feel good afterward (aka: if I push myself too hard and can’t walk the next day). So I like to start off nice and slow to avoid too much soreness in the beginning. Here is the treadmill routine I like to do when I’m getting back on track… and since it’s pretty low key, I think it could be good forĀ beginners as well.


Do you guys have any beginner workout routines? Post a comment below!