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Making Lunch Out Of Snacks

If I had to choose one food to never give up, it would be CHEESE (or chocolate… but probably cheese too!) While I totally support eating healthy fats (like avocado, butter, cheese, olive oil, peanut butter, etc.), I try my best to pair these foods with fruits and veggies in order to create a more balanced meal and to avoid over indulging.

Today, I really wanted pretzels and cheese for lunch (don’t know why I love that combo, but I do). Instead of eating an entire bag of pretzels and an obnoxious amount of cheese, I portioned it out and added some veggies and hummus for a more balanced and filling lunch.

On my plate: cheddar cheese, pretzels, hummus,

grape tomatoes, bell peppers & dried mango slice

What’s you’re favorite snack to put a healthy spin on? Post a comment below!