Stop Procrastinating and Start Sweating!

For me, getting enough exercise was much more difficult than eating healthy. I never had trouble coming up with an excuse to skip a workout. “I have too much work to do.” “I have a test tomorrow.” “I’m hungry.” “I’m tired.” The list goes on and on.

I realized that I was always waiting for the PERFECT time or the PERFECT workout. I thought that if I couldn’t run at a certain speed for a certain amount of time or if I couldn’t do every yoga pose in a class or if I couldn’t finish an entire workout video than the workout wasn’t really effective and it wasn’t worth my time. And then I realized that this was really really dumb! LOL

I set out to change the way I viewed exercise and to change my goals. Instead of exercising to lose X amount of pounds or to justify that extra cookie or to get a six pack or to look good in a bathing suit, I started to exercise to become healthier. By changing my way of thinking, exercise went from being stressful to being a stress reliever. And it wasn’t an immediate change. It took some baby steps and I’m still only making small changes… but I plan to continue to grow with each week and I want to encourage you to do it too!

If you’re someone who hates exercise or who has a hard time sticking to a routine, please don’t give up! Try some of these ideas and see if it works for you 🙂

The first thing I did was set achievable goals. I told myself I would just exercise once this week, then twice, then three times, etc. That way, my goal felt attainable. Also, by doing this I avoided doing too much too soon, which for me would always result in sore muscles (yet another excuse to avoid exercise). If I happened to do more than my goal throughout a given week, I felt that much better!

I also started by doing my own short workouts at home. This eliminated any pressure I felt to impress anyone and kept the focus on my new mindset of bettering my health. I let myself take breaks when I needed, as long as I did a little more each session. My two favorite videos that I used frequently in the beginning (and actually still use now) are from FitnessBlender. Here are the YouTube Links.


Now that I am more confident in my mindset, I’m starting to get back into yoga (both regular and hot). Right now, my goal is to exercise 4 times a week and I’ve already met it this week! I’m starting to find that I actually crave exercise, not just for my physical health but also for my mental health.

For anyone out there struggling to get exercise into your lifestyle, please do not give up! Just change your mindset, set achievable goals, and find your favorite way to sweat. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your exercise has to be a certain way. Start with just 10 minutes a week, 10 minutes twice a week, 10 minutes three times a week. Any exercise is good if it works for you and your body. Start small. Commit. Sweat. Get healthier. Be Happy.