Toast Tuesday

I finally went grocery shopping yesterday to restock on healthy foods, but I had to make breakfast first. The Nutella was screaming my name from the pantry, so I decided to feed my soul and nourish my body by having Nutella and some fruit.

My motto is everything in moderation. While eating 6 tubs of Nutella a week may not be in your best interest, having a little bit mixed in with healthy foods when you crave it is more than okay. In my opinion, what Nutella lacks in nutrition it makes up for by fueling my soul and happiness ­čÖé LOL


  • Nutella
  • peanutbutter
  • apple slices
  • strawberry slices
  • raspberries
  • whole grain/multi grain toast

All in all, it made for a great Toast Tuesday! What foods nourish your soul? Post a comment below ­čÖé