Valentine’s Day

I started off Valentine’s Day with an awesome and festive breakfast! I had raspberry greek yogurt on cinnamon raisin toast with two fried eggs and hazelnut black coffee in my new mug that Rich got me for Valentine’s Day ­čÖé

No matter what we’re celebrating, Rich always gets me too much! (Not that I’m complaining lol) He got me the most perfect red roses from Whole Food’s Market, a Starbucks heart mug, Kate Spade sticky notes (wouldn’t be a holiday without school supplies!), the book “When Breath Becomes Air” (I’ve been wanting to read this for a while and I’m already half-way’s such a good book), a cute notebook and pen (again…school supplies= best gifts), earrings, a bunch of fruit strips and Justin’s PB Cups, and a box filled with my favorite Godiva chocolates.

I can’t get over how pretty those roses are! Every year I save one rose, dry it, and add it to a vase in my room.┬áThere are four flowers in the vase right now, three roses from previous Valentine’s Days and a red Dahlia from when we went to a Dahlia festival. This will be my fourth rose ­čÖé

I decided to make Rich┬áchocolate chip muffins to go along with his Valentine’s Day presents. I got the recipe from┬áBrown Eyed Baker. They were VERY sweet but also so moist and delicious! I definitely recommend them! I followed the recipe exactly, except I added extra chocolate chips…because why not?!

Some presents for Rich ­čÖé

Later in the day, Rich and I stayed in and ate dinner at home. Overall, it was a great Valentine’s Day. I’m glad we got to cherish the moment because we are probably going to be super busy for the next few Valentine’s Days. Hope you guys had an awesome day too! XOXO, Happy Valentine’s Day!