Breakfast, Dessert Ideas

Greek Yogurt Nice Cream

As you guys have probably figured out, I am a HUGE fan of nice cream! My latest concoction is really awesome because it has a lot more protein than previous versions. That way I can have it for breakfast and still feel full. But it’s so delicious that it makes for a good a post-workout snack or dessert item for days when you need a sweet treat 🙂


  • 1 frozen banana piece-about 1-2 inches long (**I like to peel and cut bananas into 1″ or 2″ pieces and freeze them in ziplock baggies. This is perfect for both nice cream and smoothies)
  • 4 frozen strawberries
  • 4-5 frozen pineapple chunks
  • 4-5 frozen mango chunks
  • 5.3 oz vanilla or plain greek yogurt
  • a few drops of water to loosen the mixture up slightly and make it easier to blend

The consistency of this nice cream is similar to that of frozen yogurt and since there is little to no liquid in the recipe, you really need a good blender to get the desired consistency. I used the ice cream/frozen yogurt setting on my Blendtec and had to pause the blender 3-4 times to mix the nice cream so that it wouldn’t get stuck. I’m not sure how this would work with regular blenders, but if anyone gives it a try with a blender other than the Blendtec, post a comment below and let me know how it goes/what settings you used 🙂