Month: March 2017


Quick & Easy Deconstructed Salad- Getting Rid of the All or Nothing Mentality

Sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking that I can only eat healthy if I create some extravagant, complicated, unique dish. Or I can only eat healthy if I have the right combination of foods in my fridge. It’s this all or nothing mentality that can be detrimental to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And …

How To's & Health Hacks

Drinking Lemon Water Everyday for a Week- Lemon Water Hacks & Benefits

Most health bloggers and yogis swear by their daily dose of lemon water in the morning. And while I’ve had lemon water many times before, I never drink it consistently enough to notice any benefits. So I decided to have one glass of hot lemon water every morning for a week to see if I …


Time Management Strategies and Tips for College Students- How to Manage Your Time as a Commuter

In this video, we talk about how to better manage your time as a commuting college student or just as a busy college student in general. We give our top 5 time management strategies that helped us to be more productive and efficient throughout college. Hopefully you guys find these tips helpful! If you have …