Free At Home Workouts – Favorite Cardio Videos

Whenever I’m super busy, exercise is usually the first thing to go. I start stressing out over my jam packed to-do list and then I tell myself that I can always squeeze in a workout tomorrow once I catch up on a few things. This sounds pretty rational and level-headed but the problem is, once I stop exercising it takes me a long time to get back into the groove. I become a master procrastinator and I keep telling myself that I will exercise tomorrow but I never do. My body slowly starts to feel more sluggish and tired, which makes me want to skip my workouts even more! It becomes a vicious cycle!

Fortunately, I found a little method that prevents this whole downward spiral from happening. Cardio videos on YouTube! Some of my favorite videos are only 5-10 minutes long. Even on my busiest days, I can always rationalize 5 or 10 minutes. AND I always feel so much more energized when I’m done. You can do them anywhere and you don’t have to waste time driving to the gym 🙂 AND they are free!

Here are a few of my favorite cardio videos! Hope you guys enjoy! Now stop making excuses and go sweat 🙂