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Drinking Lemon Water Everyday for a Week- Lemon Water Hacks & Benefits

Most health bloggers and yogis swear by their daily dose of lemon water in the morning. And while I’ve had lemon water many times before, I never drink it consistently enough to notice any benefits. So I decided to have one glass of hot lemon water every morning for a week to see if I noticed any changes. I also discovered a lemon water hack that made¬†it much easier to stay consistent! So here it goes…First let’s start with the hack!

Prepping Lemon Wedges for the Week

In order to avoid dealing with mushy left over lemon pieces in the fridge, I prepared frozen lemon slices for the week! All I did was quarter two lemons, place them on a baking sheet, and freeze them for 2-3 hours. Once they were frozen, I put them in a plastic baggie and stored them in the freezer until I was ready to use them. The lemons thawed nicely in the hot water and provided just as much flavor as they did when they weren’t frozen.

Before I get into any details about my experience, here is a little disclaimer: This post reflects my own personal experiences. Everyone is different and will likely have different experiences, so readers should not consider this medical advice. Also, this was by no means an actual experiment.. many of the things I experienced could have easily been coincidences or results of the placebo effect lol. That said, I found my experience very helpful and if you are interested, keep reading ūüôā

My Experience

Overall, I felt much more energized and alert throughout the day. I didn’t experience my usual afternoon crash that typically¬†occurs around 2:30/3 o clock. I also noticed that my appetite decreased and I craved less sweets. My skin looked smoother and healthier and I felt a lot less bloated! However, I did become thirstier throughout the day and I experienced pretty uncomfortable stomach cramps for the first two days.

Who knows if any of these changes were actually due to the lemon water, but I really did enjoy this new part of my daily routine! I’m definitely going to continue drinking lemon water regularly, but probably not every day. I might drink it maybe 3-4 times a week so I can include things like green tea on the other days. I know some people that like to add a slice of fresh ginger to lemon water, so I might try this as well since I’ve heard that it’s a great combination for improving digestion and decreasing stomach aches and bloating!

Do you guys drink lemon water every day? What changes do you notice? Post a comment below! Hope everyone has a lovely day!