No. More. Excuses. Get Moving Now!

The following are unfortunately all too familiar excuses that all too often prevent me from getting in my daily exercise: I’m tired. My stomach hurts. I’m having a bad day. I’m in a bad mood. I have a headache. I’m so stressed out and have way too much to do. Sound familiar?

The funny part is that the excuses I use to put off exercising are often cured by exercise itself. I always feel better when I exercise. I sleep well. My stomach is happy. I’m happier. I have fewer headaches. My stress level is significantly lower. I’m more productive.

So lately I’ve been challenging myself to question these excuses. Instead of using them as reasons to avoid exercise, I’m using them as motivators. I’m tired—Well, I’ll do a 15 minute yoga video and see how I feel. I’m so stressed out and have way too much to do—Well, let me take just 5 or 10 minutes to do a cardio video or ab workout.

Even the smallest amount of exercise every day is better than none! Once you get yourself moving, once you take the first step, you’ll feel much more motivated to do more than just 15 minutes. And if you don’t feel like doing more, well there is always tomorrow…and that 15 minutes of yoga won’t seem so daunting. Maybe you’ll up it to 20 minutes. Maybe the next day will be two 20 minute sessions.

Just stop making excuses. Start moving and do it today. No matter how small, do it now. Just start. Thats often the hardest part! Happy sweating everyone 🙂