Quick Cardio and Core Workout – Sweat With Me 001

One of my go-to exercise routines when I’m running low on time is a quick cardio and core workout. It only takes 18 minutes of my time and I still feel totally energized after. I like this particular workout because it starts out slow and then steadily increases in difficulty. This makes it a lot easier to muster up the energy to start the workout, but I still feel accomplished when it’s complete.

Part 1. Core

The first portion of the workout is a 10 minute ab workout video from FitnessBlender. I LOVE this video because not only does it focus on your core, it also focuses on your back and upper body. It’s a great warmup for the cardio workout and it’s not too difficult. I feel like I’m tricking myself into toning and strengthening my body without having to do anything too crazy. Best kind of workout in my opinion 🙂 ! And while the exercises themselves aren’t too challenging, you can make it more difficult by increasing the reps if you’re feeling extra strong! So it’s very adaptable.

Part 2. Cardio

The second portion of the workout is an 8 minute cardio video from FitnessBlender. This video gets my heart rate pumping and depending on how hard I push myself, it also gets me sweating! Again, the exercises themselves are not that complicated, but you can do more reps within the interval to challenge yourself. I like that I can take it easy and modify if I’m having a sluggish day, or I can increase the difficulty and do more if I want to burn more calories.

Part 3. Stretch & Cool Down

Since this is my workout for busy days and I usually don’t have a lot of time to include a lengthy cool down, I like to incorporate the following few stretches after completing the videos. I hold each pose for 30 seconds. Once I’ve done all five poses, I repeat each one and then I’m done!

  1. Calf and achilles stretch
  2. Quad stretch
  3. Standing Forward Fold
  4. Downward Facing Dog
  5. Child’s Pose

So there you have it! My go-to routine for busy days. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling sluggish, but you still want to get some cardio in! However, FitnessBlender has tons of videos that you can search through by workout time, difficulty, body focus, etc. That way, you can create your own quick cardio and core workout and personalize it to your own needs!

Hope you guys enjoyed! For more at home workout ideas check out this post! Leave a comment below if you have a go-to exercise routine for busy days.


**This workout is something that works for me. It is not medical advice. Always consult your physician regarding your health and exercise regimen.