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Quick & Easy Deconstructed Salad- Getting Rid of the All or Nothing Mentality

Sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking that I can only eat healthy if I create some extravagant, complicated, unique dish. Or I can only eat healthy if I have the right combination of foods in my fridge. It’s this all or nothing mentality that can be detrimental to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And …


Red Pepper Avocado Hummus Sandwich Stack

I’ve been putting avocado on everything lately. I’m obsessed. This sandwich was a really awesome combo though and I definitely recommend it! Ingredients: 2 slices of whole grain/multi-grain bread toasted (I used Whole Food’s Market Seeduction bread) roasted red pepper hummus 1/2 avocado, mashed and mixed with salt, pepper & a drizzle of olive oil …