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Open Faced Egg and Hummus Sandwich

My standard go-to breakfast item is definitely eggs. For me, eggs are the perfect balance of protein and fat, and they’re quick and easy to make. They also mix pretty well with a lot of different veggies, making them super versatile. Today’s breakfast included tomato, yellow bell pepper, and hummus! When frying my eggs, I typically use …

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Autumn Salad with Honey Cinnamon Balsamic Dressing

I never really crave salads in the fall because I’m always looking for something more substantial and hearty. But after coming up with this sweet and savory autumn salad, I may be craving salads all winter 🙂 Salad Ingredients: Arugula 1 carrot (washed, peeled, and shaved) 1 sweet potato (cut up & roasted in olive oil, …